Xinxiang City further promoted the digital campus work in primary and secondary schools

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In-depth implementation of the national education digital strategy action plan, accelerate the construction of primary and secondary digital campus in our city。Recently, Xinxiang CityThe education Bureau is led by the city's video education CenterOrganize experts into three groupsIndividual acceptanceIt has jurisdiction over seven districts and eight counties and some affiliated schoolsDigital campus star ratingField evaluation and acceptance。


     Through listening to reports, on-site viewing, data retrieval, teacher discussion, on-site feedback and other forms, the acceptance team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the construction work of the school's digital campus from six aspects: digital environment, digital resources, information literacy, integration and innovation, support and guarantee, and characteristic development。We inspected the digital hardware and software equipment of various functional rooms and libraries on the spot, interviewed teachers on the application of national primary and secondary school smart platforms and digital teaching resources, watched the practical application of multimedia in the classroom, and effectively understood the current situation of digital development in each school。

       In the evaluation process,The inspection group discussed with school leaders and technicians the development direction of informatization, the role of informatization equipment and the improvement of teachers' information literacy,Guide the school to improve its level in construction, management, application, teaching and research, and training,Encourage schools to actively explore innovation in the application of digital resources,Form one's own characteristics。

      In the next step, under the guidance of the Special Action Plan of Xinxiang City to Accelerate the construction of New Education Infrastructure (2023-2025), we will continue to carry out the construction of digital campus in depth, improve the creation standards, accelerate the creation progress, and promote the modernization of education with the digitalization of education。

Managing Editor: Tang Xiaoling