Shanyang District of Jiaozuo City held the "National Smart Education Platform for primary and secondary schools" promotion and exchange activities

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In order to implement the national education digital strategy action and promote the high-quality development of education, on March 17, Shanyang District of Jiaozuo City held a national smart education platform promotion and exchange activity for primary and secondary schools。The event invited experts to give lectures, and relevant leaders such as Jiaozuo City Education Bureau and Shanyang District Government participated in the activity, and more than 200 principals and backbone teachers of primary and secondary schools in Shanyang District participated in the on-site activity。

 During the event, experts explained the importance of the promotion and application of the national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools in a simple way, and shared six methods for the application of the platform。多所The school has carried out a variety of application scenarios on the platform。The comrades in charge of the national platform pilot work office in our province fully affirmed the application of the smart education platform in Shanyang District, and stressed that the use of the platform should be student-centered, actively explore new methods and new models of the application of platform resources, and constantly promote the integration and innovation of the national smart education platform in primary and secondary schools。


Editor: Wei Wen